Financial and Business Services

RevTalent knows this: the best talent is not easy to find. In a highly competitive business environment, identifying talent willing to relocate is even more difficult. Our strength is pinpointing candidates who are not highly visible, particularly online. We’re resourceful. We dig deep.

RevTalent works with several of the world’s leading financial services companies. Our specialized industries include mortgage banking and builder services, retail and commercial banking and wealth management.

Partnering with RevTalent, our clients are assigned dedicated Search Consultants who locate, recruit and present exceptional talent. We are experts in mortgage banking sales and operations including loan originators, retail banking loan officers, commercial bankers and wealth management advisors. We work across many other business lines: risk management, compliance, accounting and finance.

We serve:

  • Mortgage Bankers – Residential and Commercial
  • Builders
  • Commercial Banks
  • Retail Banks
  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Business Services

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Changes in healthcare technology, insurance and compliance have mandated a specialized focus identifying difficult-to-locate talent. At RevTalent, our Search Consultants understand the healthcare space. We connect with these industry professionals on all levels because our client base includes hospitals, physician-owned practices and other healthcare related organizations. Understanding the dynamics of administration, corporation and patient care, we respond quickly. RevTalent customizes programs to meet short and long-term talent acquisition objectives. We serve:

  • Hospitals
  • Long-Term Care organizations
  • Healthcare Clinics
  • Physician Practices
  • Healthcare Providers

Our Life Science practice is designed for companies seeking to scale their sales and clinical operations. The skyrocketing emergence of these specialized services makes it even more critical for Search Consultants to grasp nuances of this market. From M&A activity to new advances in research and technology, RevTalent possesses experience and insight necessary to find and recruit life science candidates who meet the industry’s advances. We serve:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Agriculture research and development
  • Biochemistry, and other areas of Life Sciences


Technology spans all industries and all business models. As a result, qualified technology personnel are in short supply and are more difficult to find. RevTalent can identify this hidden talent. We recognize that most experienced candidates are difficult to come by.  We also realize there is new talent emerging—those ready and willing to work hard for companies requiring specialized talent – from software developers to research and development experts and application engineers. RevTalent has its own technology platform assisting us in developing a network and database to unearth candidates. We align with start-ups, financial service companies, healthcare-related companies and a range of other technology-focused industries that require innovative, smart and focused experts.


Qualified engineers: they are the holy grail of the recruiting industry. Why? Because often they are deeply embedded and protected by an organization. RevTalent has developed a methodology to reach these candidates. We have successfully recruited engineers for the aerospace industry, software development, manufacturing and civil engineering spaces. We specialize in start-ups.

Our team of Search Consultants works diligently to locate candidates who are both qualified and willing to look at new opportunities.